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Ride Along With Us To The 14th Annual GoodGuys Fi-Tech Spring Nationals!

Updated: Apr 13

Day 1 started out as a cool, cloudy morning in an otherwise warm Scottsdale Arizona, the sun decided to play hookie and gave way to the rain. Before that some of the auto-crossers were able to stretch their legs a bit for a few laps of practice until the track got too wet and they had to pack it in.

We were able to meander around the grounds of West World to snag some photos and videos of a few vendors and even caught the Nitro Thunder show before the majority of the rain set in. When you're exploring the vendor booths don't forget to snag some Hot Wheels cars because let's be honest, it's what we all come for.


Day 2 was a bit more like the desert with a lot more sun to dry things up! We got here a little late due to some home renovation projects, but was able to post up and snag quite a few shots of the members cruising around the venue. To highlight our new cork hats we made a GoodGuys Cork Wall of Customs with all the shots from this specific spot!

Plus another round of autocross for the Duel in the Desert excited the growing crowd in the stands. All the beautiful V8 sounds and turbo noises echoed throughout West World in a symphony of adrenaline.


Day 3 we were able to bring out our 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS built for autocross and the only day they offer it to any American car for All American Sunday! It's true what they say win on Sundays and sell on Mondays. Even though we were only able to snag a 4th place spot we had a few people pick up some t-shirts.

So if you feel inclined head on over to the store and pick up your favorite design to help support us! Also, we have a new portfolio up where you can purchase any photo from the event for just $10.00! If you see your ride we encourage you to grab a digital copy for your memories. All funding goes back into the business and the race car to continue bringing more amazing automotive content to you. We appreciate each and every one of you for continuing this journey with us!

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